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Chuck Lager America's Tavern
Pike Creek, Delaware


About Us

You know the stories you share with friends, the ones which have developed and improved over time? Those tales are as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, and you look forward to the next time you get the opportunity to enjoy.

We here at Chuck Lager America’s Tavern are dedicated to creating new stories, adventures you share for years to come. Come indulge in our made-from-scratch menu, perfected by Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani. Lose yourself in our vast selection of craft bourbons and ice cold beers. Hammer that sweet tooth with our decadent desserts and spiked milkshakes.

Whether it’s your old college friends who you choose to hang with, or work colleagues that you are forced to, Chuck Lager America’s Tavern makes it better.  

It’s time to build that next great story. 

Who is Chuck Lager?

Chuck Lager is many things, all of which are quite exceptional. He was born in the midst of a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro, inspiring his parents to carry him to the top. Some say that this was the beginning of his love of adventure. This would be only the first of many mountains he would climb in his life – both figuratively and literally. After graduating from a prestigious university, Lager’s passion to explore led him to join numerous archeological expeditions. He unearthed countless rare artifacts, and was so successful in these endeavors, other archeologists would jokingly ask him to put a few back – so they wouldn’t come up empty.

It was on these excursions that Chuck Lager also uncovered his love of great cuisine. While travelling the globe, he would often dine at incredible spots – intimate restaurants with made-from-scratch kitchens – the type that the locals would frequent. He was always met with welcoming smiles, refreshing drinks and delicious meals. They felt like home, and Chuck always knew that he wanted to share this feeling with others.  


Who is Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani was on three seasons of the television competition show Top Chef and won the title of “Fan Favorite.” When you meet him, you will understand why. He is a celebrity without the celebrity ego. His drive for excellence and true culinary talent make him a celebrated and revered chef.

When Fabio was a child, he would learn the recipes of his family at the side of his beloved grandmother. She taught him the skills to make delicious pastas and the patience required to create the best sauces. These lessons serve as the basis of Fabio’s menus – fresh, rustic ingredients combined with passion and talent to produce exceptional dishes.

One day, Fabio met a man in his grandmother’s kitchen. This man had heard rumors of her incredible dishes. She welcomed him into her home and served truly inspired meals, and he never forgot the way that experience made him feel. That man was Chuck Lager. Chuck and Fabio kept in touch and became great admirers of one another. They vowed to work together on a restaurant, which ultimately became Chuck Lager America’s Tavern.

Look for them both to drop into the venues. Fabio will be the one with the Italian accent; Chuck will be the one with whatever accent he feels like at the time.


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